Discover Japan’s Convenience Store Ice Cream: 3 Popular Choices That Delight Locals

Hello everyone! When you visit Japan, you’ll inevitably want to immerse yourself in its unique and fascinating culture and explore various aspects that pique your interest. But this experience isn’t limited to the exquisite cuisine. The distinctive selection of Japanese ice creams is also worth exploring. Today, I’m going to introduce you to three popular ice creams loved by the Japanese, all of which can be easily found in convenience stores across the country.

3. Azuki Bar

Azuki Bar is an essential ice cream for the Japanese summer. This ice bar was born from the idea of “turning zenzai directly into ice cream”. Zenzai is a sweet dessert made from boiled azuki beans and is a winter staple in Japan. The ingredients of Azuki Bar are exactly the same as Zenzai – azuki beans, sugar, cornstarch, salt and syrup – and contain no dairy products or additives. By sticking to simple ingredients and packing them tightly, the result is an ice cream with fewer air bubbles, making it remarkably hard. Its hardness is humorously described as ‘harder than a diamond’. All joking aside, there’s a real risk of breaking a tooth, so be careful when eating it. However, the unique sweetness and hardness of this ice cream makes it an ideal treat for a hot summer’s day.

2. Gatsun to Mikan

Gatsun to Mikan, as the name suggests, is an ice bar filled with mandarin orange juice. Filled with the fresh fragrance and sweet-sour taste of mandarin, this ice cream is perfect for a refreshing break on a hot day. What makes this ice cream particularly appealing is that it contains an abundance of real fruit pulp.

1. Suika Bar

The Suika Bar is only sold in summer.

The Suika Bar is an ice cream that looks just like a watermelon. The red part is watermelon-flavored ice, with chocolate chips scattered within, representing watermelon seeds. Furthermore, the outer green layer has a slightly sweet melon flavor. With its visually delightful appearance and the refreshing, delicious taste, this ice cream is a big hit with both children and adults.

These ice creams can be found in any convenience store across Japan. On a hot day, be sure to try these ice creams and enjoy the Japanese summer!