Picked by a Japanese writer! Top 5 Recommended Festival Street Foods for Summer.

Summer in Japan is marked by numerous festivals held all over the country, and the unique street food at these events is an integral part of their charm. The delicious dishes combined with the vibrant atmosphere promise an unforgettable experience. Here are the top five street foods at summer festivals, handpicked by a Japanese writer.

5th place: Candy apples

Sweet with a slightly sour kick, the flavour of ‘Candy Apples’ explodes in your mouth. This treat is made by hardening malt syrup around a fresh apple, giving you the perfect balance of sweetness and freshness. The crunch of the apple combined with the sweetness of the malt syrup creates an irresistible harmony of flavours.

4th place: Grilled Corn

Rich in nutrients and incredibly healthy, Grilled Corn is a staple of summer festival food stalls. Corn on the cob is grilled and generously sprinkled with soy sauce. Children and adults alike love the combination of its smoky flavour and sweetness.

3rd place: Chocolate Bananas

Chocolate Bananas are a fun-looking candy, with fresh bananas coated in chocolate and decorated with colourful sprinkles. Cold and sweet, the Chocolate Banana is both sweet and refreshing during hot summer parties.

2nd place: Grilled Squid

Grilled Squid is particularly popular in coastal areas. Fresh squid is slowly grilled over charcoal and seasoned with a soy-based sauce. This dish allows you to enjoy the bounty of the sea, with the flavours of the seafood and the smoky charcoal creating a delightful combination.

1st place: Sharpin

And the number one choice is ‘sharpin’. It may be a niche choice among street foods, but it’s my personal favourite, hence the feature. Also known as ‘Chinese-style griddle cake’, sharpin is similar in appearance and texture to a large, round, grilled dumpling. The outside is crispy, while the inside has a soft, mochi-like texture, and it pairs well with a variety of fillings. Its unique taste makes it a rare delicacy that can only be enjoyed at certain festivals.

Most of the food stalls only accept cash, so be sure to keep this in mind.

This concludes our introduction to the five most popular foods you can enjoy at the food stalls of Japanese summer festivals. These street foods allow you to experience Japan’s tradition, culture and the unique joy of summer festivals. Be sure to try them if you get the chance!