Summer in Japan: A Journey into the World of Mosquito Coil Incense

Hello to everyone experiencing summer in Japan! At this time of year, there are certain sounds, sights and smells that unfold all around us. Among these, the unique aroma of mosquito incense is certainly one that cannot be forgotten. Today, we are going to explore the charm of mosquito incense, from its origins to its use today and the variations available.

About Mosquito incense

First of all, what exactly is mosquito incense? As the name suggests, it’s designed to ‘take away’ mosquitoes. This incense is mainly burned indoors or in gardens during the summer, especially in the evenings, to keep mosquitoes away.

Mosquito incense mainly uses a component known as ‘pyrethrum’, a herbal ingredient, as its active ingredient. Pyrethrum, a natural insect repellent extracted from a type of chrysanthemum, is harmless to humans but has a strong deterrent effect on mosquitoes. In addition, the unique aroma of pyrethrum is considered pleasant to humans and adds to the summer atmosphere.

How to use it?

Typically, mosquito coils are doughnut shaped and are lit from the outside in a spiral towards the centre. This shape allows for an even and steady burn, ensuring that the effect lasts for a long time.

Variations of Mosquito incense

There are also several variations of mosquito incense. For example, in terms of fragrance, as well as the inherent scent of pyrethrum, additional scents such as lavender, citronella and lemongrass have been incorporated. As well as providing insect repellent, these scents also have relaxing and healing properties, contributing to a pleasant summer atmosphere.

Recently, not only the mosquito coil incense, but also its holders have become creative. From traditional ceramic types to modern and stylish designs, there are various options available that can also be used as part of your home décor.

The traditional design for mosquito coil holders features a motif of a pig.

Mosquite insence is not just a function, it’s a culture.

Mosquito coil incense does more than just repel mosquitoes. The leisurely time spent enjoying its fragrance and watching the smoke rise adds to the enjoyment of the Japanese summer atmosphere. Imagine the quiet smoke of mosquito incense rising in your garden while you enjoy a conversation with family or friends. This is indeed a characteristic scene of a Japanese summer.

We invite you to experience the charm of mosquito incense this summer!